Get The Most Out Of Your Appointment

So you're looking for a change, but nervous to do it? Here are a few simple ways to make sure you get the most out of your next hair appointment.


1. Show Up Early: Life happens sometimes, we get it. When you show up early you're allowing yourself to get settled in, grab a cup of coffee, hang up your jacket, and allow extra time to talk to your stylist, without feeling rushed, about exactly what you're wanting to do.


2. Bring Lots of Pictures: For me personally, I'm a visual learner. When you show me a picture I know what length you are looking for, how dark or light you want your color to be, if you are looking for a face frame, layers, or something more on the blunt side. Pictures are everything and really help keep everyone on the same page.


3. Be Open Minded: We want you to love your hair! Sometimes it takes a couple appointments to get you there. Remember, we're beauticians not magicians.


4. Consider How Often You'll Need to Come In For Upkeep: Drastic change is AWESOME! Boldly going from dark to light, light to dark, or cutting all of your hair off is a great way to explore a different side of yourself. Just keep in mind, it is going to grow out, and if you are the kind of person that only likes to come in a couple times a year, then you may want to start with something a little more subtle. 


5. Give Honest Feedback: Again, everyone is different. Curl patterns, colics, texture, density, style. Let us know if there's something that does or doesn't work for you. If you go home and notice it's too dark, too light, heavy, anything, let your stylist know. We want you to be happy with your hair, and we won't know something is off unless you tell us! 


6. Use Professional Products: We want you to be able to recreate your style at home, and there is a reason we use what we use. A few reasons: We've been around the block with these products! Professional shampoo and conditioner isn't as harsh on the hair as over the counter shampoo and conditioner, meaning it's not going to wash your color down the drain. It helps your color last longer, doesn't create a waxy buildup, and it's more concentrated so you're using less.


-Rebecca Graham