Bring On the Blonde

Everyone knows warmer weather equals blonder hair. Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to caring for those luscious locks!


1. Hold off on the shampoo: We can all agree it's important to wash your hair regularly, but everyday can dry out your hair and cause breakage. No one wants that! Switching your shampooing habits to every other day or even every three days allows your hair to replace it's natural oils and saves you time in the morning.


2. Purple Shampoo is your friend: I love Love LOVE purple shampoo! I love it for blondes and I love it for brondes (brown blondes). It's perfect for when our brassy side wants to show it's shades. You only need to use it once a week / once every other week. It makes your blonde brighter and kicks out any unwanted tones between salon services. Purple shampoo is an absolute must have.


3. Deep Conditioning Masque: First things first! What is a Hair Masque? A Hair Masque is a deep conditioning treatment for the hair used once a week to once every other week. It adds moisture, fights frizz, and prevents breakage. These little gems help replace the moisture that bleach eliminates during your service. I personally recommend the Brazilian Blowout Deep Conditioning Masque. It is absolutely AH MAZE ING!!! Ask for a sample during your next appointment